Metal Gear in Française

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By Plínio

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22-01-2005, 02:53

Sorry to don't translate the first news at English.

Another great RomHacking Scene FRench inform this translations too.

"New translation, new platform,

January 19, 2005 - 08:03 - Ti Dragon
Generation IX starts well the new year while sign up a translation on a new platform: the computer Sony (?) MSX, machine left in the years 80 and particularly interesting at the time. This translation is the one of the first Metal Gear of the name and follows the demand of a fan of the series on the common forum of the translation groups.

Only, the small problem is that, at the time of the phase beta, this small scamp could not stop from distributing this patch (on this site dedicated to Metal Gear. The group decided to take the patch therefore while hoping that you will make them a complete report on the bugs and other typing errors (grammar, spelling, etc.) meet.

Alalalala, the young people (or youth), I swear you...

I benefit therefore from this to inaugurate the MSX part of the site of the T.R.A.F. with a virtual champagne bottle (that will cost me less dear). Amuse yourselves well!"

I've think too if will be turn the fifth force! ;)

By ro

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22-01-2005, 13:08

I'm pretty sure it was something nasty about ro's mother!!! Tongue
Yeah it turned out she gave birth to another child which was too ugly to parent so she named it "tobias" (which, in French, is the most nastiest names a child can have.. ) and sold'm to the first idiot that walked across their path... it is a nasty deed indeed.

(xqse my french)

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