Metal Gear

By Rovado

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11-03-2005, 14:29

I'm at the Hind D boss fight, but I don’t have enough ammo for my grenade launcher.
I’ve walked al the back to where I first found the grenade launcher but there’s nothing there anymore. I’ve read a few walkthroughs and searched for cheats but I’m still stuck.

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By Sonic_aka_T

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11-03-2005, 14:45

Have you tried the F-1 F-5 ESC trick?

By DarQ

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11-03-2005, 15:01

that's cheating! there must be plenty of ammo.. even on the top floor of building 1.

By Rovado

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11-03-2005, 15:26

Have you tried the F-1 F-5 ESC trick?

Yes, Normally that works. Just like re-entering the room. But the room stays empty. Is there any other place to find ammo for grenade launcher? I'm afraid that I have tot start over cause without more grenades I can't beat that Hind D.

Oops.. found them Tongue
I walked to the room where you find the Grenade launcher. Thats room where you also find the Silencer. But the ammo is in te basement Tongue It looks just like normal ammo and I thought the grenade launcher was similar to the rocket launcher and the ammo would look different. Arghh I wasted like 3 hours on that Smile

but thanks for the fast reply's

By [D-Tail]

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11-03-2005, 16:31

All ammo in MG1 looks the same... You'd get 6 grenades per ammo pack, and 2 RPGs. Furthermore 20 normal bullets, 20 SMG bullets, etc Wink

By Vampier

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11-03-2005, 19:00

sigh..... newbies Smile