MegaFlashROM - Solid Snake English

By snout

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25-04-2003, 01:50

Ok, I have been trying this tonight, but I did not manage to get Solid Snake running satisfactory. First of all the game does not work when I insert the ROM cartridge and boot my MSX. However, it DOES work when I start OPF /X. Isn't it possible at all to do some mapper-selection at boot?

Second, I do not have the MegaFlashSCC so I don't have SCC sound during this game. I was hoping connecting an SCC to cartridge port 2 would work, but it didn't. Is there any other way (slotexpander?) to get things going?

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By BiFi

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25-04-2003, 12:39

The slot expander trick is a no-go (at least when you think to put the expander in extender mode resulting in 4 connectors on 1 primary slot), since the MegaFlashROM uses ASCII mapper and SCC uses Konami mapper and what two different type will do is unpredictable.

Wasn't there an adapted version for MegaFlashROM and SCC in a different slot?

By Guillian

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25-04-2003, 13:18

Which version do you want to use? (Japanese, English, Spanish...)
I can send you an adapted (SCC in slot 2) version by email.

About SCC in other slot/subslot; it is detected and used in multirom mode, but you need a 1024K model to run a 512K game (like Solid Snake), since boot menu takes up 8K

By Guillian

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25-04-2003, 13:26

Which version do you want to use? (Japanese, English, Spanish...)

Hahahaha! I must be blind Tongue You are talking about English version, as shown in the thread. As I said, I can send you a patched version, in english, with support for an SCC in slot 2.