MDXplayer for msx

By galine

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29-09-2010, 00:54

I'm a chiptune fan and when I see this youtube video I realise why I realy whant buy me a speciallised music msx

I would like know if someone ha already see this program?

If yes what is it name and is it possible to run it on a yamaha cx5MII? (cause it already have SFG-05)

and if yes again where can found it caus I looking for it on internet but I only see video not program.

With a little chance someone can answer me yes at each question ^^.

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By popolon33

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17-11-2010, 20:08

Hey Galine,

Take a look at my new video here :
You'll see MSX2 Yamaha CX7M (256Kb) running MDX file.

See ya on the MSX Village ;)