By monde6

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30-01-2005, 20:17

I was wondering if there's anyone out there who possesses the original Japanese Golvellius 1 & 2 manual in msx ... i am looking for scan becaiuse in france the manual of master system is black and white and i am curious to see the manual inoriginal version


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By pitpan

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30-01-2005, 20:26

And SEGA's version of Golvellius IS NOT THE SAME GAME as the MSX version. There are major changes in the maps and storyboard. MSX version is much better IMHO.

By snout

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30-01-2005, 20:32

~removed a doublepost on this topic, please do continue the discussion over here~

And IDD, the SEGA version of Golvellius is different, I don't think an MSX manual (if legal, wink wink) would help you out a lot.

By monde6

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31-01-2005, 14:08

ok thanks

i would like to see the manual, not to help me in the game or to compare msx version with sega but in order to see the presentation of the characters, story in japanese.
In général , the quality of the japanese manual is better, and i am curious to see this.

By Sama

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31-01-2005, 16:22

Expect an authentic English translation of the Japanese Golvellius 1 and 2 manuals with the rerelease of these games in WOOMB Smile