looking for the program "NOISE"

By Samor

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07-02-2005, 19:24

I'm looking for an old MSX program called Noise. It allowed to record datarecorder input to a short sample file. For example, if you put a music tape in the msx' datarecorder you'd be able to make a small sample of it with Noise.
It'd be really great if someone could provide me the program, or tell me where to find it, but I don't know if it's freeware, uncopyrighted or not, etc.

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By Edwin

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07-02-2005, 20:46

I remember a few of those programmes. I also recall that it is ridiculously simple to do. Takes a few bytes af machine code. The rest of the details are a bit foggy though, but I expect someone here to be able to post code even.

By Vincent van Dam

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07-02-2005, 21:17

Noise, hmmm, do you mean MasterVoice Wordstore?
Like Edwin said it's a rather easy trick, if you don't mind 1-bit samples Smile I believe it's just starting the motor relay and reading bit 5 of port $aa.

By Samor

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07-02-2005, 22:26

I dont think it was MasterVoice wordstore;

I believe the interface looked a bit like a stereo set, and it would save the samples to disk.