Last MSX game?

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By tfh

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18-09-2004, 13:45

(I wish I was one ... if I could only have 0.1 EURO for every hour of programming Z80 assembly .... wow ...)
You're hired!!

Thanks for proving my point Big smile
LOL Smile Thank God for minimum wages here in NL Smile

By [D-Tail]

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18-09-2004, 21:07

Then thou precious 'ero-game' wouldn't count either! Tongue

By wiebe

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23-09-2004, 01:54

erm, can I say now that "Rona" was the last commercially released game for the MSX system?

I just do: "Rona was the last game". Thanks everyone for replying on my question.

By saccopharynx

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23-09-2004, 03:31

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