By pitpan

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05-07-2005, 20:44

This is the name of a bizarre MSX game published by ASCII in 1983. Apparently, you are lost in a giant 3D maze and you have to find some items and get out. But I have just figured this by myself and probably I am wrong. Has any one more information about this game? Instructions? Background information? Details?

Nice 3D world made in SCREEN 3 mode. Neither raycasting nor voxel, but quite impressive for 1983!

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By anonymous

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06-07-2005, 14:54

Hi pitman,
I have a magazine called Login a popular computer magazine back in 80's On 1984 february issue they covered a whole section of game called 'Micro Iriegas' an alternate version of the game you mentioned. The article covers the background story and how the program was made. (Also comes with a map & a program list) I don't have the ROM game so I don't know the detail (of the manual) but Mirco Iriegas shouldn't be too different. On the article it saids that attack or killing of probedroid is taken away on this version.

The Maze is called MU-MONK and player is Sergeant H.T and the goal is to escape from MU-MONK. (But player have only a day worth of power left.) It's wise to make a map and obtain the Infrared Viewer before the night.

Things you find on the ground:
Infrared Viewer > Can see during the night.
Battery > Battery for Infrared Viewer
Food > for player energy
Water > for player energy
Gold > No real effect
Trap > Can kill you when you fall

Move forward > Cursor Jump
Jump > Cursor BACK while moving foward
Turn Right > Cursor Right
Turn Left > Cursor Left
Viewer ON / OFF > F2
Change Clock's Background > F1

By pitpan

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06-07-2005, 18:24

That's a lot of useful info! Thank you very much! Wink

By Manuel

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06-07-2005, 19:40

It seems to be written in basic even.

By smart duck

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07-07-2005, 08:45

I'm searching for an example of a 3D 'world'.
How do I convert the rom to disk so I can view the code?

By cax

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07-07-2005, 09:45

You can use, for example, MSXR2B that splits a 32K ROM into 2 BIN files you can bload.

Or you can use some debugger that can load any file into memory.

By smart duck

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07-07-2005, 10:05

Thanks for the info!
I'm developing a new 3d game for the msx.
The first steps I've have written in actionscript to learn how to create a pseudo 3d environment.
See and click on 'Speel'. Don't use the arrow keys (very buggy) but click on the navigation arrows to move around.
I'm porting the code to Turbo Pascal and redisigning the graphics for msx.