Help needed getting Metal Gear 2 running

By msxrestarter

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17-01-2005, 21:44

Can anyone help me to get MG2 running om my NMS8245 ?

After more then 10 years of rest on my addict, i've recently begun to use my old msx2 again.

I've managed to get the drive running again and now I'm ready to play my old favorite games.

Especially the Konami megaroms where my favorite waste of time.

I remember having cracked versions of most of them which could be played using a memory mapper.

I still have some of them on msx-floppies but unfortunately I've erased most of those disks for use on my PC.

I've already downloaded a lot of .rom files which work good on my bluemsx emulator but I want to get them running on my MSX2 instead of my PC !

Does anybody know how to get .rom megarom files running on a msx2 with a external memory mapper of 512kb (R&J Jansen product) ?

Or does anyone still have the old cracked disk versions ?

I'm especially looking to get MG2 working on my NMS8245 with 512kb memory mapper.

Thanks for your help !

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By Vincent van Dam

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17-01-2005, 22:08

You might want to search for the 'fony solid snake english translation' and get lucky Wink

By msxrestarter

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17-01-2005, 23:14

MG2 is running again on my MSX2 !

Thanks for your help Vincent !