Green Beret is a konami game or not ?

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By Argon

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15-09-2004, 15:03

I came by this BBC version of Green Beret, there doesn't seem to be any mentioning of Konami on the box.

Did Konami license the game, or did Hit Squad license it from Konami ???


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By Sama

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15-09-2004, 15:24

I don't know, but I guess Hit Squad was Konami's licensee in this case.

By robertwilting

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15-09-2004, 15:37

My guees it that Rikusu is probally right here. Konami most times licensced there games for production on the other home computer platforms.
Also there is the Rush' n Attack arcade which is actually the original version I think on which green beret wasa based. (or am I know mixing some stuff up. To lazy to search this time. So screw me for my lazyness if I screwed up !) Smile

By Maggoo

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15-09-2004, 16:30

Green Beret is a Konami Game. Rush'N'Attack is the name used in the US and Japan for Green Beret. Much like Nemesis = Gradius and Gryzor = Contra.

The Original Green Beret in arcade was made by Konami. The arcade version is excellent, this is actually the only game I ever finished in its arcade version Smile

By Sama

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15-09-2004, 16:36

Gryzor = Contra

This was the US name of this game? The Japanese one as well as the European one is Contra (Contra for MSX was never officially released in Europe, but PSX versions were, and they were called 'Contra' as well).

By anonymous

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15-09-2004, 17:15

Gryzor is the name on C64. AFAIK it was never used anywhere else... Recent Contra's are all called Contra again.

I think it was renamed for the C64/USA because of the Iran-Contra Affaire.

In europe, Contra was called Probotector, and all humans were replaced with robots. This was because of Germany's strict anti-violence regulations.

By Arom77

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15-09-2004, 18:02

Gryzor is the name on C64.

The same for Amstrad CPC.

By spl

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15-09-2004, 19:48

Contra also was named here PROBOTECTOR, with robots instead of men.



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15-09-2004, 23:43

probotector was the name used at the NES (iirc)

By anonymous

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16-09-2004, 01:18

And Gameboy.

By ro

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16-09-2004, 08:47

It might be interesting to read the Konami story on a spanish website (use babblefish or alike) mentioned in the "MSX in the Media thread" on this same forum. It'll tell you about Green Beret and more stuff some of us didn't know.

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