Graphics Editor and Multi Telopper

By MSXHinter

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09-04-2005, 15:09

At some auction I got as extra those two programs with manuals, as I can not find the information any where else on the internet, 2 questions :

1 - was this software sold with the HBI 900 videotizer or what;
2 - with the disks came a disk labelled (factory label no written one) MSX DOS character font - on the disk are ,besides msx-dos 1.03, four fonts :
deco16, post16, clas16 and euro16 how can i use these fonts?

Any further information would be kind,

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By Manuel

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09-04-2005, 15:16

The Fonts disk at least came with the Sony HB-G900P (the manual refers to it), and they can be used with the built in software. Mainly for titles with the superimpose function.

Actually, my own G900P was complete, except those disks... If you're not interested in it, please let me know Smile