Finishing Penguin Adventure

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14-05-2003, 23:25

I tried finishing Penguin Adventure on Konami MSX Antiques for PSX, but after pausing 1 time, the princess was still dead! Is there still another requirement?
I did need a lot of continues :/

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By anonymous

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15-05-2003, 14:13

I believe it is all about the time it took you to complete the game; So short cuts are the way to go (wings and/or warps), in combination with green hearts.
Gamemaster won't effect the ending; neither does the KAZUMI/NORIKO password (or so i believe... quite a while has gone since I last played that game)

By robertwilting

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15-05-2003, 14:35

MSX version needs a odd number of pause if I'm correct.

By anonymous

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15-05-2003, 19:13

As far as I know you have to pause the game at least once. Not zero and not more. Which is what I did...
So either the Konami MSX Antiques version is different, which would be strange because it's emulated, or there's something more to it.