Eggerland 3, where are you?

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By robertwilting

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07-02-2003, 10:49


Okay if someone would start this site and I like it. Then I would donate a lot of things.
You wouldn't know how much solves/tips I still have around at my home adress.
Now originally these were meant for continuing the guide in MCCW but then again I haven't heard anything more about MCCW.

Okay by this way I declare every tip/sollution written by me and published in (MCCM/Futuredisk/MFZ and some others) open to the public. Only the material of The Guide through Gameworld 2 from my hand is not (yet) declared free to the public at this point.
For GTG 2 I think the best option would be to declare it completely or to declare it not.
So if Rieks says it is okay then you have my word on the thing to in the other cases it is a no go.

Not is there only this version of Eggerland. But Hall also made a new Eggerland for PC a couple of years ago (I have a demo version) and then we still have the NES,Gameboy versions with tons of extra levels.(Adventures of Lolo or something like that)

By anonymous

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18-02-2003, 19:52

What about Pixess from compjoetania isn't that an eggerland/kingsvally kinda game?

By snout

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18-02-2003, 22:36

It is, and it's quite addictive too!

By Sama

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24-05-2003, 03:12

A friend of mine told me there is an official Eggerland 3 for the NES (if I remember correctly). The name of the game differs, however, and I don't recall what it was again.

As for the Guide through Gameworld 2, I'm currently busy putting the Defender Online section of Samanet - Sargon part online and I have been thinking of putting the PTTR-series and GtG-series online as well. In this way, some sort of game tips database is automatically created. And of course I planned to incorporate a possibility of posting your own game tips to extend the database even more.

But first, I need to complete Defender Online. Since it has become much larger than I had expected, there's quite some work to be done. But when it's finished, I will announce it on this website.

By robertwilting

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24-05-2003, 14:53

A friend of mine told me there is an official Eggerland 3 for the NES (if I remember correctly). The name of the game differs, however, and I don't recall what it was again.

Okay here's the small list of the eggerland games I know.

Eggerland 1 (MSX)
Eggerland 2 (MSX)
Eggerland he no Tabitachi (NES)
Adventures of Lolo (NES)
Adventures of Lolo II(NES)
Adventures of Lolo III (NES
Eggerland (PC)
By others.
Eggerland 3 (PC)

About GTG online.

Like I allready said is someone willing to put online a database then I might have quite some stuff for it. I allready thought a few times of starting it myself but because of lack of time I will not do this.

By Haze

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24-05-2003, 19:12

Don't forget the Nintendo GameBoy versions, as well as Lolo's cameo in another one of Hal's games "Kirby's Dreamland" for the GameBoy. Smile

By Grauw

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24-05-2003, 19:17

Lolo is in Kirby's Dreamland???

/me grabs GB cart - where, where??


By Haze

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25-05-2003, 14:17

IIRC it's the second or third level, which is in fact called "Lolo's Castle". Smile You'll duke it out with Lolo as he's pushing crates around.

By deTwisj

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07-07-2003, 18:41

about that eggerland (3?) demo for the pc. I did once find it on the net and i still have it, but i have to warn anyone who wants to try it that it wont work properly on winXp. I tried it a couple of times but the game will crash as soon as u try to play it with the music on Crying It does work quite well on win98 but i got stuck at a screen with like 6+ of don medusas Tongue

By Eggy-Fan

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25-02-2004, 21:29

Hi! I haven't played Eggerland Mystery for ages until one fine day my brother told me that he found a way how to play it again. Now I am addicted, but just don't know what to do in round 66 of Eggerland Mystery 1.
Can anybody help me or at least tell me the code to the next level?

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