Eggerland 3, where are you?

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By TheEgg

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25-01-2003, 20:46

Hi you all!

I'm a big fan of Eggerland Mystery. Also played Eggerland 2, but didn't like it as much as the first one. A friend of mine told me about Eggerland 3, and that it compared very good to the first edition, but... WHERE IS IT? I tried many sites and searches but can't find a download anywhere. Well, I did find all the level codes for Eggerland 3, but not the game itself. Can you help me out here?


The Egg

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By BiFi

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25-01-2003, 20:51

Is there an Eggerland 3 for MSX? Never heard of that before.

Anyway, I think many people like Eggerland 1 more because of the editor it contains. It gives a new dimension to any game since you can make your own puzzles, and I for one like to create my own levels.

By mars2000you

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25-01-2003, 21:40

There is no Eggerland 3 for MSX.

I remember that MCCM had presented a third Eggerland, it was a version for PC, that is downloadable on the author's site :

By TheEgg

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25-01-2003, 22:51

Well, I found it! Thnx to u!!!

I hope I can get the same addiction of this game as I did with Eggerland Mystery.

Thnx again!

The Egg!

By chaos

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25-01-2003, 23:52

maybe it's time for eggerland 3 on msx! cause eggerland is an amazing game.. Wink

By anonymous

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26-01-2003, 00:33

Maybe R-Soft can program it in basic Smile It's definitely a possibility.

By Latok

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26-01-2003, 13:07

Nestorbasic Smile

By BiFi

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26-01-2003, 13:12

Turbo Basic, Kun Basic Smile

By FiXato

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27-01-2003, 00:46


Maybe R-Soft can program it in basic Smile It's definitely a possibility.

As you might know, a lot of things happened at RSot.

First of all, 2 of the members (Dominic & Rudi) left and Rsoft is now working under the name Bitwise.

Soon I will be posting more about Bitwise and their plans...


As for Eggerland3, sounds liek a good idea!

I for one also like that adventurepart of Egglnd2. It brought another aspect to the game Wink

By reith

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27-01-2003, 01:55

twenty year ago..............

is there someone who have the solution of EGG2 ??? please

I have lost all the papers .... oO

By Grauw

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29-01-2003, 20:53

Just like the MAP (, still in its early stages) is an initiative to make as much documentation available to developers as possible, I think it would be cool if some people would start a central initiative which makes a database of game tips, codes, cheats, etc. There were some amateur groups in the past who made disks with content like that, so I would think there must be some people around interested in doing such a thing.

Ofcourse you'll need to pay attention to author's rights, so you can't simply copy all complete game solutions published in MCCM without asking them or the original author :). I think it's very important that *if* someone does it, it is done right, and has a good interface and tidy, future-oriented code (heh yeah, just like the MAP ;p).


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