What should the one chip MSX look like?

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By legacy

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14-10-2003, 20:24

a few for the girls? What do girls have to do with computers?

I know a few girls that play/work with the MSX, thats why I say "a few".
They are also visiting fairs to.

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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14-10-2003, 20:50

My sister is totally addicted to Penguin Adventure, and so are her girlfriends.

By sjoerd

Hero (599)

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21-10-2003, 16:33

They are also visiting fairs to.Hey, I may have long hair, but I'm NOT a girl. Evil

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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31-12-2003, 20:13

Trip Hawkins of 3do should have designed the new msx. Too bad I am a mixed race so 3do failed to license the msx from ascii and secure its future. The M2 hardware was way better than anything ascii made.

By Thom

Paladin (672)

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31-12-2003, 20:58

However, the 3do console failed and the M2 was never released. What also didn't help selling the machine was the publishing of airbrushed screenshots like they were the real thing. They were not, and even the current generation of consoles is not able to produce those screenshots in game.


Enlighted (5742)

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02-01-2004, 16:31

Specially I do hate the Turbo-R design: too many buttons, too many leds, sliders, entries, etc. Even the firmware is crap. I preffer no extra features in ROM: only BIOS, BASIC, DISK BIOS, FM BIOS and nothing more.

I don't agree, that firmware is crap. The GUI & applications in ROM are useless and can be removed, but they don't bother you if you just turn the switch to "correct" position. I also think, that MIDI BASIC should be included to FM-BIOS as well although it should not enable midi timer interrupts, if MIDI channels are not used.

I like the tR look, but I think that the new computer should definately be BLACK! (Like A1-WX) Keyboard style & touch could be something like in IBM laptops, but with numeric keyboard as well. Power button can be also same kind of as in IBM laptops (and location in the left side as on tR) Small red led's should be put under smoked window (like display in most video recorders) to combine modern look & 80's style. Reset button outlook is nice on HB-75 models. The whole computer could be a bit more flat than tR machines. I espetially hate that modern look, where every form needs to be over rounded. That does not work well in car cabins nor in computers. Also notches like in tR should be removed as they are hard to keep clean. If this kind of outlook effects are needed to give a balanced look, they can be done with discreet gray shades.

If the new MSX is going to be a handheld, then something like the original LYNX could be cool but with a bigger display. You could attach external keyboard to bottom of the machine and the other connectors could be at the top and on side of the keyboard. There should be hinge on keyboard connector to adjust display (machine) position.

That was my vision...


By legacy

Hero (570)

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07-01-2004, 21:09

Yeh, lets launch a designcontest for the new MSX if he comes.
I personly have some ideas of the functionality and the design of the case

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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08-01-2004, 01:03

Well, post them here! Smile

By snout

Ascended (15184)

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02-11-2004, 00:05

Okay, now that we know what the prototype board looks like, perhaps we should start thinking about the casing ? WHat kind of casing would you like for the new One Chip MSX!?

By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9857)

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02-11-2004, 00:47

19" rackmodel
with @ the front side: usb, on/off, reset
and @ the backside: audio i/o, video out etc. .. in short, stuff that doesn't change often.. (audio goes through a patchpanel here)

This way it I can place it between my other stuff.. perhaps not in my actual rack, but in a custom-built workspace/desktop I'm planning.

Or otherwise a normal case of the same size with optional rack-ears.. but you can get computercases in 19" format anyway.. (typically servers and audio-computers) why not take advantage of that?

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