New MSX computer to be released in 2005!

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By flyguille

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30-10-2004, 17:04

i hope that the cost is not too much.....

in another way, i already sent to msx asoc. by means of bazix (a month ago), the architecture MSX4 i hope get a reply with some question that i wrote....

By Latok

msx guru (3866)

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30-10-2004, 17:05

/me looking at the specs......Indeed @_@ LAN is missing.....

By Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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30-10-2004, 19:17

/me looking at the specs......Indeed @_@ LAN is missing.....

Indeed, didn't Nishi mentionned Wireless Lan in his lecture some years ago ?

By snout

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30-10-2004, 19:20

Yup, which means the One Chip MSX1 that's going to be released in March is -not- the end of the line yet. Things like Wireless Internet and UNL are still to be achieved Smile

By Latok

msx guru (3866)

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30-10-2004, 19:48

Yes, but erhm.....I think this project doesn't have anything to do with Nishi's plans. It's a relatively cheap fun educational homecomputer. Great initiative. But NOT integrating LAN really would be a mistake. In my humble opinion.

By legacy

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30-10-2004, 20:26

Don't forget the possibilitys of the USB.

By sunrise

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30-10-2004, 20:33

And do you see this design does not have a seperate Z80 anymore?! The Z80 is implemented in FGPA!! The prototypes shown so far (including the one at Sunrise) always had a dedicated Z80 chip. It seems A LOT of progress has been made that we weren't aware of Big smile

Not quite right, it is so that in the beginning the z80 was already implemented.
Since Bussum we became an update from Ese with the extra features of keyboard and Vga and dos2 support.
So that kind of info I donot see, but it surely will also be in that new design.
The last one worked but the the first two didnot unfortunately. We are still trying to see what it is.
But because of the extra features , tusjikawa mailed me to use a separate z80 in order to let it work since there was not enough space into the fpga.

By anonymous

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30-10-2004, 21:41

tusjikawa mailed me
WHO?! :\

By [D-Tail]

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30-10-2004, 22:05

Tsujikawa, I think Wink If I'm not mistaken it's Tsujikawa Kazuhiro from ESE Artists' Factory.

By Henk

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30-10-2004, 22:10

Not enough room on the FGPA? Why not add another one instead of a Z80? Adding a Z80 would make the whole thing more static and less dynamic.
Maybe I am saying compleetly stupid (I think the FPGA is the big chip in the centre).

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