Porting OpenMSX to MorphOS and or Amiga 68k

By foody

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26-03-2019, 18:18

What would it take to port OpenMSX to MorphOS machine and/or Amiga 68k?

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By turbor

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26-03-2019, 21:10

Somebody with programming knowledge on those systems ?
If SDL2 and the other libraries are available for those OS'es, then it might be a straight forward exercise for some knowledgeable C++ developer. https://openmsx.org/manual/compile.html contains a list of the current requirements to be able to compile openMSX.
If SDL2 is not available you're looking at a reasonable big rewrite...

By foody

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26-03-2019, 22:29

AmigaOS 4.x is the only Amiga in the Amiga world that have SDL2 in it. I do not know about MorphOS however.

By nikodr

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27-03-2019, 13:28

I haave a morphos machine maybe post this question to some amiga forum regarding development and ask help there?now for 68k it coukd theoretically work but only on emulator,a real 6800x0 maybe too slow nowdays,

By Roland007

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28-03-2019, 07:26

Amiga was left behind in the 90ties. There is no python on Amiga so the build system won't run, if you run Amiga OS4, you can try an old Python v2. Then Amiga has no modern C++ compiler, so you'll probably have to rewrite lots of code. Morphos has a more modern compiler because the MorphOS core-team tries to keep its compiler current. but they also prioritise the OS over the compiler, so its not current with latest standards either.

Amiga in standard workbench supports only 256 Colors, but if you want to emulate a V9958 your out of luck, because you would have to run OpenMSX in HAM8 which. " in theory" could give 256000 but that's not workable for moving images. Amiga has 2 WAV channels for the left and 2 for the right side. More sound channels need to be calculated by the processor. So a stock MSX 1/2 can work but the rest requires a lot of work. SCSI/IDE controllers can be emulated since they require no specific hardware. A lot of these limitations are not applicable to MorphOS and 68060/PPC with a external graphicsscard (RTG/P96) but then you would bang your head against all kind of library issues.