openmsx not booting the correct rom when trying to boot 2 roms with the Acid1Tests-slots machine...

By friguron

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06-07-2019, 14:28


Trying to make some tests with some slot routines of my own, I tried to test these routines with the wicked "Acid1Tests-slots" machine with openmsx. This machine is AMAZING...

Whatever, the thing is I have isolated 2 silly cases and I don't know if it's proper behaviour, a bug in OpenMSX, or a bug in some konami boot rom routine...

Case 1:
openmsx ../../pennant2.rom ../../penguin.rom -machine Acid1Test-slots
this boots... Penguin Adventure (slot 2!!) instead of Pennantlers 2 (inserted in slot 1). "Why" ?

Case 2:
openmsx ../../nemesis2.rom ../../penguin.rom -machine Acid1Test-slots
this boots (expectedly) Nemesis 2, but with metalion being a penguin, that is proper behaviour.

My question is: Why does Case 1 happen? In Acid1Test-slots machine, cartridge 1 definition is a secondary external rom... I suppose it might have to do with the issue... but then... Is my copy of pennantlers 2 not able to boot from slot 1, if it's expanded? So strange...

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By Manuel

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06-07-2019, 19:46

Indeed, in this machine case, slot A is actually slot 1-3, whilst slot B is slot 2 (not expanded). Not sure why this causes the above behaviour exactly, but I doubt it's an openMSX issue.