[OpenMSX]: Does it exist some command line option to specify cartridge/disks load/run via external URL?

By friguron

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30-10-2019, 13:07


I'm curious about OpenMSX and its ability to load/run .rom/.dsk files from the command line.
As of now OpenMSX (obviously) loads filesystem based .rom/.dsk/.whatever files, but I can't seem to find any external URL file loader after reading the manual.

Does this command line option exist? Has it ever existed (and maybe been removed)? Does it make sense? (to me it makes a lot of sense!) Has this option been considered, but maybe then discarded by some reason (not to overload some web server around, for example)?


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By Manuel

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30-10-2019, 15:35

openMSX has never had the direct capability to load files from a webserver.

However, as openMSX has the Tcl language built in, it may be possible to script it in Tcl.

I don't think it was ever considered, at least I can't find anything about it in the issue tracker https://github.com/openMSX/openMSX/issues Feel free to add a feature request there, though.