diskmanipulator create ~/.openMSX/x.dsk <=32M limit

By Wlcracks

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14-02-2022, 15:47

posting this for a friend

diskmanipulator create ~/.openMSX/x.dsk 40M
does truncate to 32M

thank you.

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By Grauw

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14-02-2022, 16:02

The reason is that diskmanipulator only supports FAT12, and to go beyond 32 MB you need FAT16.

By Wlcracks

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14-02-2022, 16:05

ok thanks

By SjaaQ

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14-02-2022, 16:21

That is nice to know but it would also be nice to have FAT16 support in the disk manipulator.

In the meantime:
dev=$(sudo losetup -f)
sudo losetup $dev /data/app/MSX/Disk/SD.dsk
sudo partprobe $dev
sudo mount -o umask=0000 ${dev}p1 /mnt/msx
rm -Rf /mnt/msx/*
cp output/* /mnt/msx/
sudo umount /mnt/msx
sudo losetup -d $dev
cp /data/app/MSX/Disk/SD.dsk /data/ftp/web/maur/msx/salesdiscontinued/SD.dsk

By Manuel

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14-02-2022, 19:25

I am looking for volunteers who want to add fat16 support to disk manipulator.