The Lootbox!!!

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By tfh

Prophet (3425)

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16-09-2023, 20:45

giuseve wrote:

UH, can I ask you .. where did you find those msx usb pen?
Daemos is working on a sort of MSX LIVE DISTRIBUTION (linux based) and those pen would be perfect...

You can find more information on my website, I don't think I can place a link over here
Another option is to do a search on Google for MSX USB stick. It should be on the first page of results.

By Samor

Prophet (2220)

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18-09-2023, 11:23

Syn is next in line to receive the lootbox, but I don't know how to contact him directly, so I hope he reads this.

By syn

Prophet (2133)

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19-09-2023, 21:24

Sorry I don't have time to take care of it right now. Just pass it to the next person maybe I take some other time.

By Briqunullus

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19-09-2023, 21:54

hamlet wrote:

Comparing the listing and the printout, I think defdanny's name is hidden, just below Manuel. He hasn't had it yet, has he?

By edoz

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20-09-2023, 09:42

I took one out and put new things in Wink This USB is really nice!

By Samor

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20-09-2023, 17:55

- defdanny once had the lootbox, but that was for his 2020 quiz efforts, he did indeed not receive it for the 2021 quiz.
- gdx didn't receive it despite being the 2021 quiz winner.
- repair-bas once inquired how to reach the list but there has not been a quiz since
- hamlet maybe wants it back?

Alternatively we can try to loop the list. I can also take it to Goto40 but that's still a long time!

Plenty of potential candidates.

Just comment here or contact me Smile

I won't be taking anything out of the box, just playing around with things is fun enough for me.
I'll be adding a few things like a book, some games and a slot expander

By Samor

Prophet (2220)

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23-09-2023, 14:06

The lootbox is on its way to defdanny Smile

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