The 2021 christmas quiz!

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By edoz

Prophet (2440)

edoz's picture

25-12-2021, 20:17

Thank you Hamlet for all the effort! I scored not that good i see Big smile but that doesn't mind me Big smile

By Bas040

Master (212)

Bas040's picture

26-12-2021, 12:07

Yes! Thanks to Hamlet and all the contributors! Was again fun to join!

By Sandor

Rookie (25)

Sandor's picture

27-12-2021, 08:04

Thank you, for the nice quiz.
Last week i didn't have much spare time to spend on it.
But i enjoyed it very much!

By chimo

Supporter (7)

chimo's picture

27-12-2021, 14:01

Congratulations to everybody who has contributed to make this year quiz very very funny, specially Hamlet and Dan with his devilish Eggerland Mistery level Smile
It's the first time I participate and I expect to repeat next year.
This quiz is one of the best time wasters I ever tried WinkWinkWink

By Manuel

Ascended (18777)

Manuel's picture

27-12-2021, 21:14

Yeah, hamlet at al: thanks a lot! It's really a nice event in December Smile

By TheKid

Paragon (1238)

TheKid's picture

03-01-2022, 23:33

I am curious who the first person will be that receives the lootbox.

By hamlet

Scribe (4103)

hamlet's picture

04-01-2022, 07:21

You are right! Unfortunately, I have not found the moment in the past few days to devote myself in peace to my computers and the drawing of the quiz - but promise to make up for it on Thursday. Until then, the excitement remains.
I plan to once again use NYYRIKKI's BASIC program as a method to determine a winner.

By hamlet

Scribe (4103)

hamlet's picture

06-01-2022, 20:04

Here we go!
Congratulation to gdx! The winner of the christmas quiz 2016 returned!
edoz will send you the lootbox, please get in contact with him.
Next in line are:

At the end of the year this line will be cutted, as a new quiz will welcome new winners!
Have fun with the new lootbox - and hope to see you all for 2022's Christmas quizz edition!

By tfh

Prophet (3174)

tfh's picture

06-01-2022, 20:24

LOL, nicely done!
Thanks again for the quiz and looking forward to the 2022 edition!

By dan

Master (223)

dan's picture

07-01-2022, 08:35

love that picture hamlet LOL! many thanks once again for organising the quiz. this is the only game i know you can enjoy before during and after!

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