The 2021 christmas quiz!

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By sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3226)

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23-12-2021, 17:04

I had a blast with this one Wink

By Rataplan

Champion (266)

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23-12-2021, 19:04

Too many 'subtle' hints on this one..

By sdsnatcher73

Prophet (3226)

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24-12-2021, 06:03

Yeah well, it is either brute forcing generations-msx for all 245 MSX2 megaROMs or all 3816 posts by Hamlet (I chose the prior).

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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24-12-2021, 07:01

The return of the pink one!
Seems some hustlers knew this game!
It's Fireball! Again!

That brings us to our updated score-table:

sdsnatcher73   II. I. .I..I II IIIII .. ...I.
Blue Crystal   III II .I..I II II.II II ...I.
Tamagozawari   .II II II..I II IIIII II .....
Briqunullus    II. II II... II .IIII II .....
Takamichi      ..I .. ..... I. ..III .. .....
Rataplan       .II I. ..... II .I... .. ..II.
Hrothgar       III II .I... II .I.II II .....
defdanny       II. II ..... II II.I. .. ..I..
ray2day        .I. .. II... II .I.II II ...I.
jepmsx         .I. .. ....I II II... .. ...I.
Manuel         .II II .II.I II ..II. .. ...I.
Bas040         .II II .I... II .I... .. .....
TheKid         .II II .I.II II II.II .. .I.I.
Sandor         II. II I...I I. ...II .. .....
Grauw          .II .. ..... II ..... .. ...I.
chimo          .II .. ....I II I.III .. .....
Meits          .II II .II.I II .I.II .. .....
Samor          ... .. ....I II I.I.I .. .....
edoz           .I. .. .I... .. ..I.. .. .....
Jipe           II. II II..I II II.I. .. .I.I.
GDX            .II .. .I... II ..II. .. .....
dan            III II II..I II IIIII II II.I.
tfh            II. II II... II ..... .. .....
syn            ... .. ....I I. III.. .. .....

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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24-12-2021, 07:16

Day 24

All good things come to an end.
Also for these four five (!) boys.
Of course we know their names, but do we know the buildings they are standing in front of?

Who ya gonna call?
And avoid being slimed!

By hamlet

Scribe (4105)

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24-12-2021, 07:15

Thank you for joining this years christmas quiz.
For me, too, it made the pre-Christmas period a little more comfortable.

You understand that I can draw the winner only after the christmas days - be assured it will be more exciting than ever!
With so many successful participants, all doors are still open!

Now quickly send in today's answer and then enjoy the Christmas in the circle of your loved ones.
Maybe you'll find some time to spend with the MSX, that would be great!

Nice to know you around!

By TheKid

Paragon (1238)

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24-12-2021, 07:40

I enjoyed this years quiz very much, so thank you hamlet and all those who made some very challenging questions. It took me many hours of searching and I learned things about our beloved system I didn’t knew before. So, thank you everyone, merry christmas and a very happy but most of all healthy 2022.

By dan

Master (223)

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24-12-2021, 09:43

had a lot of fun too before and during the quiz. many thanks hamlet for organising the quiz once again and thanks to all of you. this year's quiz had many varied questions. congratulations! already thinking of new categories. merry christmas to all of you!

By jepmsx

Master (130)

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24-12-2021, 09:45

Congratulations for the quiz. I've enjoyed it a lot. I've also discovered new things about our beloved system, MSX, that I didn't know.

Thanks for the good work and merry Christmas to anyone!

By ray2day

Paladin (686)

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24-12-2021, 18:05

(Again) thanks for the MSX Christmas Quiz this year! I really enjoyed it a lot. Thank you! @Hamlet

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