Hi, I'm there

By AndyPF

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06-07-2022, 12:01

Hi all
After reading the forum, I want to become an active part.
I reverse engineered the hardware of a Toshiba HX-51 (MSX1), I will publish that soon.
I started also to make a fully commented Basic ROM disassembly.
I'll keep you informed in my progress.


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By Pencioner

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06-07-2022, 18:39

Hi. Reverse engineering hardware is a hard work, awesome that you did that, great achievement

By eimaster

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14-07-2022, 02:05

Great work. Keep up the good work.

By mejimitsu

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15-05-2023, 05:04

HI! Toshiba has some of the best hardware both by integrity and function. It’s amazing that you have managed to reverse engineer it like this.

By Grauw

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15-05-2023, 12:58

Hi and welcome! For your effort of disassembling the Basic ROM, it’s probably good to be aware of the msxsyssrc project (perhaps you can contribute?), as well as the information in the MSX Red Book.

By st1mpy

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15-05-2023, 19:41

There is also the MSX BIOS book.