XPG comming soon

By msx_pc

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15-10-2005, 08:52

Big smile
hello im a korean and gp32 /xpg fan and also msxfan.
This wonderful opensource linux dualcore (two arms CPU!!!) gameconsole XPG with TV-out must a msx support in the future. its better then PSP sony. specially for 2d games!!!

I hope maybe openmsx or other will supports this.



and see alo www.liksang.com and


The GP2X is totally open to development from anyone, commercial or amateur. Yes really. There heading back to the classic computers days of development.

With a free GCC/Linux/Windows based compiler and SDK you really can begin to make software and games for nothing, not only that - they will offer source code and guides to getting started.

regards ,


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By spl

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15-10-2005, 14:26

1- What kind of advertisement is this?

2- First you talk about XGP which is radically different from GP2X. Actually, GP2X is more the GP32 sucessor than XGP. First is made by GPH (Gamepark HOLDINGS) and second will be made (but I don't know if it will be a real console) by former GAMEPARK members. As you know GAMEPARK is now two different companies. I think the console you are talking is GP2X (former GPX2) www.gpx2.com and not XGP www.gamepark.com

3- GP2X IS totally open source, and now some development units are shipped to developpers. Is a real console.

4- This topic is totally OFF TOPIC, but if you want to say something MSX related, yes, FMSX32 will be available on GP2X. Expect also a new GP32 version soon. As you know FMSX32 is made by rlyeh www.retrodev.info.


By AuroraMSX

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15-10-2005, 19:29

XGP, GP2X, GPX2, GPH, GP32 ... Can anything get more confusing?

By Arjan

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15-10-2005, 19:37

the only cool thing about it is that it's opensource. If you want to play games, just buy a PSP or a DS

By spl

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16-10-2005, 14:50

Arjan: I have a GP32 and also I use it for playing exlusive games, made by sceners and coders Smile When you have a opensource machine, possibilities are BIG!

By poke-1,170

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18-10-2006, 07:04

nah, thing is that a psp doesn't have a video out.
and they explode Tongue