Which Joystick or Pad to Play on the MSX2

By bjoern

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23-08-2008, 15:19

Hello there,

just a Question. With which Joystick or Pad i can Play the MSX2 Games on my MSX?
I habe plugged in a Mega Drive Pad but only the Button "B" works. The other ones not.

So i cannot Play with a Mega Drive Pad. Which Pad or stick did work with the MSX2?



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By wolf_

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23-08-2008, 15:32


These were quite common: the Arcade Joystick. Also variants with 1 button were common. At least they were very sturdy!

By Yukio

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23-08-2008, 15:37

You can buy a adapter and change the connection of the other button. There is explanation on the Forums to make the procedures.

There was some warnings about possible differences in the voltages, since some buttons could be connected into different places.

Most Atari compatible sticks would work just fine under MSX systems ... If you just need one button!

By bjoern

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23-08-2008, 17:38

hmm i thought you can give me links or websites with compatible joysticks to buy Wink
Or an ebay Link so that i can search Smile

Because i need a joystick where two buttons are work.


By FiXato

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23-08-2008, 18:39

not quite as good as the above mentioned Arcade Joystick, but reasonable: Competition Pro joytick for c64, atari and msx
Just keep an eye on ebay while looking for 'msx joystick' or 'arcade joystick' if you want the real thing.

Or search for the Panasonic Power pad: