Where to find DIN-8 type B cables ??

By nounours18200

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27-12-2021, 15:26

I refer to this article:
because one of my device has the following connectors:
see: https://zupimages.net/viewer.php?id=21/52/uv52.jpg
All the DIN-8 cables that I can easily buy (on Aliexpress for example) fit with the right connector, which seems to be a type A DIN connector.

But where could I find type B DIN-8 cables to fit with the Left connector, which seems to be a type B DIN-8 connector ??

I would also be interested in buying Female chassis mount DIN-8 type B connectors: do you know where I could find them ??

Thank you very much for your replies,

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By CASDuino

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27-12-2021, 19:48

Did you try Googling "DIN 8 262" to find the connector?

By nounours18200

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29-12-2021, 17:41

Yes I have found the male connectors using "DIN 8 262" and I have already ordered them (thanks a lot anyway)?

I am still looking for the 262° female chassis connectors (to be soldered), but I think they are too old to find them (I am looking for cheap ones, such as the DIN-8 270° available on Aliexpress, because I need a lot of them)

If I find these cheap female 262° chassis connectors, then the most useful thing that I would like to find is a (cheap, because I need a lot of them) cable with a DIN-8 262° at each side: this is because I have to connect a device (that I have designed myself) with a vintage device having a female 262° chassis connector.

If I find these accessories, then I would save a lot of time : no need to solder the connectors and the cables...

Thank you for your ideas !