What hardware extension for MSX would you produce if money were not an issue?

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By konamiman

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07-06-2011, 17:52

This is a somewhat silly idea that has come to my mind from nowhere. Imagine that one day you are speaking with Bill Gates about MSX and he says something like this:

"Ah, MSX, what good memories of the good old times it brings to me! And you say that there is still an active scene nowadays? That's cool! But these machines are somewhat obsolete for today's standards. That's it, I have an idea: here you have $1000000, now go and develop the most amazing hardware extension you can imagine in order to make MSX computers to really rock!"

So, what piece of MSX compatible hardware would you design and produce given an unlimited (or arbitrarily big) budget?

My answer goes to the practical, "boring" side. I would develop a card providing the following, which I think it is what every MSX should have on a perfect world:

- SD card reader
- Ehternet interface (possibly with wifi, too)
- USB host
- 4 MB RAM

Also, aside from this "basic pack", I would develop a second card, name it "multimedia pack", with:

- GFX9000
- OPL4

And that's it... now let's brainstorm in order to decide what will we do in the event that some of us win the Euromillions some day! Tongue

NOTE: "I simply run with the money" is NOT a valid answer. Smile

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By wolf_

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07-06-2011, 18:38

Considering the current amount of software that has been made for G9k, OPL4 and other high-end combinations, ideas on how to get more software is a far more interesting debate.

By Daemos

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07-06-2011, 18:48

with an unlimited amount of money I would skip the extension story and start gathering a team of HW profs and industrial designers. I would inform them well about the MSX standard and ask them to develop the MSX3 which is fully backwards compatible with MSX1,2,2+,turboR.

Offcourse this wonderfull machine will have DVD support. Built in HD. USB ports. Built in ethernet. Ohw and a live bootable version of linux in its ROM packed with alll the tools to build and develop for the MSX.

Offcourse. No HW emulation. That means buying all the crystallographs from the V9958, R800 etc and if not available redesign them. Bring them back into production and when the whole machine is finished make a million of them and sell them for lets say 100 bucks.

All the money thats left can offcourse be used to put a whole software company into developing new games for all the standards including the MSX 3 Smile

O wait I think I just spent alot more then a million bucks...


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07-06-2011, 18:55

I would make a MIDI-PAC and still have some money left to give myself a real long holiday Big smile

By hap

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07-06-2011, 19:04

Only $1 million? I wouldn't go for a hardware project, see wolf above

By edoz

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07-06-2011, 19:28

I agree with Wolf_ .. Hardware there is Wink ..

BDW: Konamiman you are spoke with Bill ? Wink

By tfh

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07-06-2011, 19:53

An Amiga Expension kit Smile Smile

/me hides under his rock...

By Huey

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07-06-2011, 20:50

I would take MSX to the next level.

Something like Petit Computer (video) on the NDS. My wish would be a platform independent MSX compatible gaming/coding environment with online community.

Wouldn't it be nice if people on all current gen consoles/computer can relive good times by coding MSX-like games again. Or typing listings from old magazines. Or playing games from others or buying old games online. One-liner contests,Online 2 player gameplay wiht friends al over the world, etc. etc. etc.

The 'online'-MSX would be fully backwards compatible but with an updated basic (with BASIC acceleration making it much faster), online shop/community and a new pattern-based screen mode (like screen5 but then pattern-based like screen4 and more, multicolour, sprites).

Not a real HW extension. But still something I would do with that amount of money.*_*

By Tanni

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07-06-2011, 21:17

With an unlimited amount of money, I would realize that project I talked about in Bussum 2003, and all the projects I posted about back then, i.e. reissuing of some maybe modified or updated classical MSX computers. But I wouldn't rely that much on industrial designers, but on the MSX community to design the new HW and especially the new casings. We know best what we want, I think.

By PingPong

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07-06-2011, 21:23

i will buy a coffee-machine interface for msx..... Big smile
just imagine, plug the cartridge and:

20 END


By boss_msx

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07-06-2011, 22:14

@Worp3, I just paid your Holiday insurance by buying one of your MidiPacs Wink

I remember how happy I was when they said they where making new Star Wars movies. But in the end...it didn't do any good. I think that if Apple would all of a sudden start making iMSX and everyone would buy one, this forum will not be as fun as it is now...

But, it's always nice to think of improvements so I'll drop a few ideas LOL!

- First, I would make sure there are enough good companies to create software for it. Compile heart maybe Question
- I would make it mind-controlled,with -image projected- sunglasses. That way you can always use it while in a meeting...Cool

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