What computer would you have ended up with if MSX were never released (in your country)?

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By Piter Punk

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30-05-2019, 01:37

Probably a TK3000 from Microdigital.

The first computer in my family was my father's TK90X. It was an ZX Spectrum clone which I really liked to type programs or play some games from tape. But while it was a good computer to me, it wasn't enough for my father's needs.

He needed a better keyboard to type, better "professional" software to use and... floppy drives. No one deserves to work with tapes. So, he solds the TK90X and bought a Hotbit (MSX) from Sharp.

Without the MSX, I guess the TK3000, an Apple IIe clone, would be the better choice to fulfill my father's requisites for a new computer.

By Roland007

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31-05-2019, 09:21

First there were ZX-Spectrum and C64's, on display at V&D (a dutch shop). The C64 was functionally superior to the Spectrum. MSX came somewhat later but had less focus because more companies made them. V&D at the time focussed on the Philips products. Later Dixons and V&D started selling Amiga.

If MSX had never appeared, I suppose I would have gone from C64 to Amiga and not from 8250 to Amiga.

By valrond

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31-05-2019, 09:34

Commodore 64. I had two friends with it, I had read the manual, I knew how to use it, and I had used it and I liked it. And it was better than the Amstrad and the Spectrum.

By wilsonpilon

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31-05-2019, 12:34

Certainly the TK-95 (Brazilian clone of ZX-Spectrum). Because it was the computer I had before the MSX. Certainly with the modern extensions, like the MSX (memory expansion, 128k rom, Ay, Divide, etc ...). In fact I still have it side by side with MSX, and I use both daily.

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