VG8235 doesn't recognize ram expansion

By galatronic

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03-12-2022, 07:46

Hi guys, I'm experiencing a problem with a VG8235. I got it, seems to be new, but when I put inside a carnnivore 2 card or an sd mapper cartridges, everything works fine except the ram expansion. I should read 640k ram but it remain on 128k and roms or games doesn't works due the missed ram. Any help about? Thanks

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By sdsnatcher73

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03-12-2022, 08:15

Don’t worry, the message 128kB RAM is hardcoded Wink in Nextor you can type MEM and you will see the 1MB in the Carnivore2 is active.

By Jipe

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03-12-2022, 08:31

it's normal the VG8235 does not display the ram count
use testram or other program to check if the ram of the cartridge is taken into account