V9938/V9958 SDIP 64 adapter

By kanageddaamen

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23-07-2018, 16:29

Hey all,

This isn't specifically for the MSX, but I am working on a hardware project that utilizes the V9958. The pin spacing for the chip is tiny and therefore doesn't fit on a standard breadboard, so I made an adapter in Eagle for use in prototyping and thought I would share incase anyone else was interested.

Because of the need for trace spacing, it couldn't fit across a standard breadboard trough and still allow wiring, so I made it span across the power lines of 2 fairly standard breadboards as you can see below


Here are the Eagle files to get it made up. You don't need Eagle for some fab shops (I used oshpark.com which was pretty cheap and took the Eagle files) but I can provide Gerber files if needed.

Here is the Eagle brd file:

I highly recommend using a sdip 64 socket for it as well

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By lintweaker

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24-07-2018, 16:22

I have a similar adapter board in KiCad format if there is need for it.

By tvalenca

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24-07-2018, 21:51

have you used thicker traces for PWR pins?

By fjlt

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04-06-2023, 14:17

Could you send me the kicad file or if you have a plate available to sell send it to me privately to my email

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podrias pasarme el archivo de kicad o si tienes disponible alguna placa para vender pasamelo por privado a mi correo javi.ingdatacor@gmail.com