Upgrading my digital KC 1mb memorymapper to 4mb, help needed..

By Moniz

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19-05-2021, 21:21

Hi All!

I was thinking about upgrading my D-KC 1mb Memorymapper to 4mb, although I do have a lot of questions along the way (Im a noob a this, but hey, I have to try someday)
By reading this tread, I figured it was doable.

But now my first question: mine has 2 Goldstar GM71c4400j60 chips on it, but it seems both the 2mb and 4mb (in previous mentioned thread) have 8 HY514400J-70 Dram chips on them. Are both these chips the same and should I buy 6 of these 514400's or 8 and remove the 2 old chips?
and: would these be the ones I need? Ebay

more questions will come later.. thanks in advance! :)

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By Grauw

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19-05-2021, 22:30

They are from different manufacturers, but the 14400 / 1c4400 indicate that they are the same DRAM type. Of course if you want to be sure you can look up the datasheets for these chips.

The 60 / 70 at the end indicates the DRAM speed, 60ns is faster than 70ns. I think both are fast enough, but I would go for the 60ns one if it’s all the same to you.

The eBay link is the type of memory you need, yes.