Upgrade MSX2+ WX Memory 512K with 16bit * 1M DRAM.

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By Clifer

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27-07-2005, 06:28

Hi, I upgraded my Panasonic MSX2+ A1WX Memory(64K->512K).
I used a 16bit * 1M DRAM IC of 8M- 72pin module memory because I could not obtain any 44256 DRAM IC.

I documented how to upgrade memory. Click the following link.


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By ro

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27-07-2005, 08:28

Sounds kwel.

You might wanna check the downloadable file, it's missing the extention ".pdf"
further more it's blank (maybe some foreign font?)

By Manuel

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27-07-2005, 11:24

ro, it uses Korean fonts.

The web site that hosts the file doesn't seem to be able to cope with spaces in file names, it just gives you the first word of the spaced file name (Panasonic). Furthermore, probably because of this, it doesn't see that the file is of mime type application/pdf.

By ro

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27-07-2005, 13:05

me no got korean font Smile

just add .PDF as extention when downloaded.

By Clifer

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27-07-2005, 16:03

Thanks ro and manuel.
I could not find why the link does not work and why PDF is not seeable.^_^a
It seems that Korean Host Web Site is not able to face the non-korean PC circumstances.
In my case, it works well even if filename contains some spaces.
I only used English as file name(including several spaces) and contents of PDF.
In Korean Windos XP, Adobe distiller convert DOC file to PDF.

Please reply for my question as follows.
(1) Is the pdf file downloadable?
(2) Can you see contents of PDF file?

If (1) is problem, please let me know your e-mail address.
I will send you the pdf file by e-mail with pleasure.

By Haohmaru

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27-07-2005, 17:13

(1) yes - at a very nice speed Big smile - but the filename is just 'Panasonic'
(2) yes - but the text is unreadable: garbage makeup - schematics and pictures are ok

Running Ubuntu 5.04 using Firefox 1.06-0ubuntu0.1 and xpdf 3.00-11ubuntu3

By jpgrobler

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27-07-2005, 21:14

(1) yes
(2) No, I get 10 blank pages. I downloaded the korean fonts for Acrobat Reader 7.0 It did not help

By SeD_NcL

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27-07-2005, 22:38

By Clifer

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28-07-2005, 01:29

Thanks all. The PDF was unreadble outside of korea^^(I think font issue maybe).
I make web-version doc. (Using Unicode(UTF-8) Encoding).

Please see the the web version.

Some images are not displayed randomly from time to time,
I don't know why, please refresh button(F5),
or download the zipped html files from

By Niles

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01-08-2005, 19:54

Amazing! Does it work the same with an A1WSX1? If does, maybe I'll try in the future...

By Clifer

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16-08-2005, 04:06

I also referred the Panasonic FS A1WSX memory upgrading manual written by Adrian Oboroc. I think that it is possible to upgrade A2WSX(i don't know what means A1WSX"1" Smile).

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