Turbo GT with DDX interface

By msx fan finland

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10-05-2018, 09:51

I have combination Panasonic FS-A1 GT and Brazilian 5.25 floppy drive interface DDX.
My GT wont regonize this DDX cartridge as it should be.
I have also Brasilian CDX2 interface so i have a small choice still.
I havent tested it yet.
So GT doesnt boot normally with it. GT doesnt boot at all it only hangs.
I have tested both slots 1 and 2 always same result.
Is there any ideas what i can do that my GT can read also 5.25 floppies?

Many thanks,

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By l_oliveira

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10-05-2018, 19:51

A1GT blocks I/O port reads for the I/O range Brazilian floppy drive interfaces following the "Microsol CDX" design uses. In contrast, A1ST works fine with these interfaces.