Tecnobytes is creating a new batch of GFX9000!

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By tvalenca

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27-02-2016, 16:24

@Kai, I'm on. I'm learning how to program V9990 too and if I hope to have enough time to do something cool with V9990 this weekend. Then I'll get back here and share my knowledge.

I don't think GBASIC will help, because it looks like it is also TR-only software (most likely because DRAM mode).

By Kai Magazine

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27-02-2016, 16:31

Exelent tvalenca!
I will also share with you any knowledge I gather of it, and show you any advances (it might take longer for me to do so since I still have to wait 1 or 2 months to recieve my gfx9000, but in the meantime I am "messing arround" with openMSX Smile )

If I finally get this powerbasic.rom which works on z80 I will let you know.
I have been searching the internet for a few hours now with no such luck. I am also writting and leaving requests to anyone who might have it (excluding the people from this post since they already know I am looking for it).


By hit9918

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27-02-2016, 16:46

9990 game easily goes on MSX1.
It goes in full scroll with less cpu time than MSX1 8x8 pixel scroll. No copy of 768 bytes needed.


Unfortunaly, this VDP is not fully retro-compatible. If I don't get me wrong, the graphical MSX1 screens and SCREEN 4 are not supported.

so, you didn't make a 9990 game because it has no screen 4? Big smile
if you dare the first steps, the whole rest of the chip is the opposite of frustrating limits.
the whole thing is all the same stuff again as known from 9938, just in different register numbers.

for example, load a screen 5 pic into the charset.
because the screen 4 of 9990 has screen 5 tiles.
that is not compatible, that is a dream.
the sprites dont have those 16 colorbytes to copy. they go like MSX1.
but the sprites are not mono, they are like screen 5 pics.

By Manuel

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27-02-2016, 17:06

Kai Magazine: it's not that hard. The V9990 manual tells you which values you have to write to which registers. And the MAP tells you how the registers are mapped to the I/O ports. Combine the info and you can program it with OUT. This is exactly how one would program it in assembler of course. You can directly start with it, but it's quite low level. But FAST Smile

I just checked the document. In chapter 7 at the start, it says you can program it via ports P#0-P#F. So, 16 I/O ports. And here you see how these are mapped into the MSX I/O ports: http://map.grauw.nl/resources/msx_io_ports.php#gfx9000
Basically, it means that P#0-P#F are mapped to MSX I/O ports &H60-&H6F. So, enjoy :)

That gfx9000 lib is an assembler library indeed. So it would mean someone would have to create a C library around it to be easily able to use it from C. That means the library needs to match the assembly style of the assembler that is used to compile the C code (after it has been translated to assembler language).

By syn

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27-02-2016, 17:40

tvalenca wrote:

I don't think GBASIC will help, because it looks like it is also TR-only software (most likely because DRAM mode).

GBASIC is for MSX2 and up, see the site http://www.tni.nl/products/gbasic.html

By hit9918

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27-02-2016, 17:45

I unleash the latest news about the 9978! Big smile
the story:
screen 8 does not support screen 2.
yeah really, it is totaly incompatible to screen 2.
boy, what were they thinking.
and the the 9978 mode is not compatible to screen 2.
how should it be compatible, it would look like screen 2.

just imagine the 9990 and 9958 are in one chip, there you got the 9978.

now, when one wanted to get beyond 16k vram on MSX2, that was not compatible, one had to write some new register.
and on the 9990 it is a new setwrt procedure.

when you avoided 9990 "because has no screen 4" then you are making a massive mistake.
it has a screen 4 tile mode with screen 5 look, more easy coding than MSX2.

all the whining about 9978 is a mistake.

By tvalenca

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27-02-2016, 18:20

Ok, so let's stop whining and code for V9990!

By PingPong

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27-02-2016, 21:07

does the basic you use allow inline assembly? if yes one could create a small set of functions to manipulate v9990

By tvalenca

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27-02-2016, 22:13

yes, of course. poke the LM program to the memory, point the start address with DEFUSR, and then execute with USR. But I assumed you already know that...

Anyway, we can OUT from BASIC, so I think the most can be done without ASM.

By mars2000you

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28-02-2016, 02:47

Kai Magazine wrote:

I did read (on msx banzai) that powerbasic is a modification of turbobasic (basic kun) and someone modified the graphic commands to make it compatible with gfx9000, but it only works on r800. That is all I know.
If there is a rom version which works on msx2, where can I find it?? I am most interested in it!

Here's this rom : http://www.msxblue.com/temp2/powerbasic.zip

Not tested, but probably only for TurboR ...

At first sight, it can be divided in 3 parts :
Offset 0000 to offset 7FFF = modified version of BIOS+BASIC TurboR GT (version 4.2 of BASIC !)
Offset 8000 to offset BFFF = GFX-9000 BASIC version 4.1 is mentioned in modified version of turboR ext.rom
Offset C000 to offset FFFF = X-BASIC modified to support GFX-9000

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