Tecnobytes is creating a new batch of GFX9000!

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By -Neo-

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26-02-2016, 07:58

Just ordered and paid. Is it delivered with an RGB-scart video cable?

By Kai Magazine

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26-02-2016, 11:22

I do not know...

You can contact the manufacturer to ask him:


He speaks english, spanish, portuguese...

By tvalenca

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26-02-2016, 13:03

-Neo- wrote:

Just ordered and paid. Is it delivered with an RGB-scart video cable?

I had one from an earlier batch, it didn't came with any cable, just with a recorded CD(DVD?) with some V9990 software.

Note that you won't find this cable on the market, it uses a different pinout and different connector; You'll need a MALE DB15sub instead of the female DB15sub used on VGA cables, and even if R G B CSYNC signals are assigned to the same pins assigned on VGA standard pinout, there a lot of different signals where it should have GND pins, I don't think you can use a normal DB15sub to SCART cable with an DB15 gender adapter.

Here's the pinout: http://www.tecnobytes.com.br/interna.php?cod=118182 (sorry, portuguese only link. Scroll to the very bottom for the useful information) Note he didn't include signal direction information for all pins but two (where he stated one input pin and one output pin ), so I'm assuming that all pins but that input one are outputs, therefore we can't ground any of them. (of course GND píns will be GrouNDed)

By l_oliveira

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26-02-2016, 14:53

The VDP is TMS9928 not TMS9929. And the computer is running in 60Hz. That program is silly and bogus on some checks.

So GFX9000 stuff indeed work on MSX1.

By Kai Magazine

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26-02-2016, 15:18

Amazing news!
This increases the msx pool which can be upgraded.

After the huge success of the GFX9000 reserve list, and 3 manufacturers creating moonsounds today (eric boez, Rafa Bollero (Spain) and Tecnobytes, who will make a new batch shortly), we only need a z80 turbo KIT to upgrade our old MSX and we will have a new generation of MSX by upgrading our old computers!
I am aware that some z80 turbo kits already exist. It is just a matter of creating a big list of potential costumers and get the lowest price possible.
Meanwhile, the new software developed for z80+GFX9000 can be prepared to work at a better framerate or performance on turbo-z80 by including an option on a menu to enable extra features. This should encourage msx users (even msx1 users) to upgrade their msx once enough software gets developed.
This is looking better and better!

By l_oliveira

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26-02-2016, 15:29

Making MSX1 be able of taking advantage of Moonsound and GFX9000 is so simple:

Just adhere to good programming practices.

By htdreams

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26-02-2016, 15:39

This is amazing news... i have mine already paid, and can't wait to play with it on my msx1,2 and 2+ :-)

I would love to see an adventure game for msx1 64ks with disk support and GFX9000

¿Is there a database or list of current msx users with upgrades? that would be cool for developers to know the potential public of their creations

By PingPong

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26-02-2016, 20:39

working on gfx9000 in p1/p2 modes is more easy for a z80 because of the less needed work to achieve things.
scrolling is a matter of register writes and even with a nametable of 16 bit it's more easy to vpoke a single line of p1/p2 data than to write and entire array of 768 bytes as required by msx1 vdp.
Sprites are more easy, so, why one insist on a faster cpu ? it's the opposite: the z80 could concentrate on logic not gfx stuffs. vdp commands are fast so no need to send small chunk of command data as in msx2.
Finally a well done VDP that cuts the roots with the crappy old architecture of TMS VDP

By Daemos

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26-02-2016, 22:13

This VDP should have made it in the turboR Ohw well now we can finally all enjoy it Smile I heard the ease of programming is enormous compared to the V9958. Maybe that now many people are buying it. A huge pile of software will start to appear.

By mars2000you

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26-02-2016, 22:23

Unfortunaly, this VDP is not fully retro-compatible. If I don't get me wrong, the graphical MSX1 screens and SCREEN 4 are not supported. Initially, there were supported but at a some moment in the development of the card, Yamaha and/or Ascii have decided to remove this support.

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