Tecnobytes is creating a new batch of GFX9000!

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By giangiacomo.zaffini

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06-06-2016, 22:59

@ -Neo- : WOW!!

By enribar

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12-06-2016, 16:37

By enribar

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25-06-2016, 20:33

Didn't receive my Powergraph yet.. Have to worry? Have to contact Tecnobytes to know shipment status?

By Pencioner

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25-06-2016, 21:23

By Colemu

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26-06-2016, 13:32

I received my GFX9990 in August 2014 and have used it once.
I just hope that software will now be developed for it....

By Lord_Zett

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26-06-2016, 13:49

i hope tni updates the gbasic soon so it becomes easyer to make good gfx9k games

By syn

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27-06-2016, 23:37

Anyone got a working e-mail address for tecnobytes? My mails to sales@tecnobytes keep getting bounced. Can I contact them through their paypal mail address?

By Paranosh

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05-07-2016, 17:01

They have problems with the mail, you can contact using facebook page:

By enribar

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17-07-2016, 12:29

Finally Powergraph arrived to me!
Some more shipping fees applied but ok...
I cannot find a little manual to start with, but it's very simple: plug the cart, connect a s-video cable and output will go in parallel with the MSX video output.
An A4 sheet with simple instructions would be appreciated Smile
I suppose the other connector is a VGA-male output, right? Looking at this video:
the converter in not included in my box, so I have to buy it by myself... Can you suggest me the right one on amazon or ebay? Or a standard one is ok? (I have fear to damage cart applying wrong pin connections...).
Anyway this cart is very well produced :nishi:

By Kai Magazine

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17-07-2016, 16:40

Hello enribar,
Many people has recieved the powergraph here in Spain.
While it works with svideo and rca, the quality is lower than vga or scart.
For this reason we have been sharing tests and solutions on a spanish facebook page.
I will try to resume what we have found out so far:

The VGA to VGA connection needs an special adapter. you can do it yourself following the schematics published on tecnobytes or by purchasing an adapter from them, BUT there are very few vga monitors which will support the correct refresh, so after many tests we saw this was no standard solution (I have the adapter and the powergraph does not work on any of my 4 tv/monitors with vga connexion, so it is kind of hard to have the right refresh/support).
I do not know the specific compatible refresh since as soon as I did read about it and tested it myself, I just discarted the whole thing.

The solution is vga to scart connection BUT!!:
The powergraph is not prepared for SCART connections, so the powergraph does not send enough current (3,5v) to the necessary scart pins and scart tv's do not detect the signal.
This is solved by soldering 2 points in the motherboard.
ALSO you cannot use any regular VGA to SCART cable since the VGA pin configuration on the powergraph is not standard, so you will need to make or purchase a special cable for that as well.

Here in Spain we were lucky enough to have MSX CALAMAR (an MSX hardware seller who creates cables and repairs MSX devices or computers).
He builds and sells the needed vga to scart cable and he also makes the modification in the powergraph motherboard so it will send 3,5V to the scart output (for free to those who purchased the cable).

Many of us (me included) purchased said cable and we had our powergraphs modified/fixed to work with the scart output during the last MSX reunion in Barcelona and now mine works perfectly via Scart at maximum quality on any scart tv.

I do not know the details on how to make the cable or modify the board.

You can contact this person (CALAMAR) so you can ask him how to make the cable and the modification in the powergraph, or even purchase said cable from him:


It took several weeks to find the correct solution but now the way to make powergraph work with european TV's via SCART is possible, thanks to this guy.
When we addressed tecnobytes regarding this incompatibility issue they said they did not specify any scart compatibility in their schematics and to open and modify the powergraph will mean the loss of its guarantee.
I belive it is worth mentioning before you decide to open and modify the powergraph.

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