Spectravideo SVI-747 - What can I use this for exactly?

By landlord

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24-06-2020, 00:41

Please excuse the noob questions. This reminds of the N64 expansion pak that allows you to play Donkey Kong 64 and Majora's Mask and generally improves graphics and performance on other regular carts

Does this offer the same type of thing on an MSX 1 computer?

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By sdsnatcher73

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24-06-2020, 06:30

The SVI-747 is just a plain 64kB memory cartridge. It is only useful if you want to play (mostly tape based) games that require 64kB RAM on a machine that has only 32kB or less.

By msxholder

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24-06-2020, 21:35

In combination with the Svi 707 drive with the cp/m you have an Ramdisk see page 24 (5,2) user manual.