Some questions about MSX Game-reader.

By rumrum2

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01-07-2004, 02:21

Hi everybody,

Just some questions about GAME-READER:

1.- Wich will be the minimun PC configuration for a a good-working MSX game-reader? (I have an AMD at 700hz.)

2.- If a introduce a MSX-MUSIC cartridge, for example ALESTE (If I don't remember it wrong) in the GAME-READER, does it automatically run it in a (for example) MSX2+ with MSX-Music so I can hear the 9 music chanels?

3.- Is there going to be any problem in installing it on a Europen PC computer? I mean I know it's a PC, but...I don't know some archives used in Japan Windows or something? (maybe I'm a bit confused?!)

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By MicroTech

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01-07-2004, 10:17

Hi MSX users,
I add a couple of other questions:

4.- does GAME READER/MSX PLAYER support also GFX9000, MOONSOUND and/or slot expanders? I wish so Smile

5.- where can European MSX users buy GAME READER?


By Latok

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01-07-2004, 11:15

I think the minimum PC configuration is related to the minimum specs the MSX PLAYer needs. I believe an 800Mhz CPU is necessary for reasonable results. Aleste isn't an MSX2+ game, the MSX PLAYer will boot in MSX2 mode. And yes, MSX-MUSIC is supported, you'll hear all the music channels. I have installed the Japanese software on my European laptop and it works great. So no problems there Smile

The GameReader/MSX PLAYer doesn't support slotexpanders, GFX9000 or Moonsound. Slotexpanders will never work in the gamereader, GFX9000 or Moonsound could be supported in MSX PLAYer, but that probably won't happen.

Where to buy the GameReader in Europe? Now that's a good question Smile

By snout

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01-07-2004, 11:18

1 - According to MSX Association you'll need about a Pentium III 800 to run MSXPLAYer correctly. However, I think the system requirements for the Game Reader itself are a lot lower.

2 - Yes, if you run Aleste you'll hear MSX-Music. You don't even need an MSX-MUSIC cartridge inserted afaik (not tested it yet, but as MSX-MUSIC is emulated in the MSX-Magazine versions of MSXPLAYer...)

3 - No, the Japanese MSXPLAYer and Game Reader drivers are fully functional on European computers. Installation MSXPLAYer is the only thing that takes a bit of guessing, but as it is an ordinary install-wizard even that's quite simple, but... see 5.

4. - No, the (Japanese) Game Reader makes a ROM-dump of the cartridge inserted and loads that to the emulator. There is no communication between the emulator and the Game Reader during emulation other than the check whether or not the cartridge is still inserted, so IDE interfaces, Moonsounds, GFX9000s and similar devices won't work.

5. Only on auction sites, just like the Japanese. All Game Readers that were produced have already been sold, as far as I know no new ones will be made in the forseeable future. However, Sunrise is planning to release a European version of the Game Reader, based on the same designs, somewhere in the future. We'll inform you about these developments, like always, on our frontpage

By sunrise

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01-07-2004, 11:34

Some additional info from my side.
Koen is meanwhile quite busy with the prototype. We will search out if it possible to support GFX9000 , moonsound etc.
I am busy with talkings about the support by other emulators than MSx-PLAYER.
as well as futher talkings with the copyrightholder.
I expect that the prototype can be showed at Bussum on 9th of october

By Manuel

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01-07-2004, 19:36

Rob, the openMSX team would be very happy to support your game reader. We just need the info how to access the thing and stuff and there is a big chance someone will make support for it in openMSX. No promises though. But feel free to talk about it with us. Smile

By sunrise

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01-07-2004, 21:49

Manuel , Mth was the first who responded in a positive way, followed by the guys from Blue and NLMSX. Just now, I am working now on the details as regards how to open info to who want to support with Tusjikawa.

By Latok

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01-07-2004, 22:09

I hope this project won't slow down the ethernet interface development Wink

By sunrise

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01-07-2004, 22:27

You will hear everything when the time is right as regards everything!