SM-X Unapi Pack version 1.1

By ducasp

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12-06-2020, 17:40

Some people had some issues with SM-X freezing during network operations, and some other had issues were the WiFi radio was generating noise on the audio output. This package will update ESP8266 firmware of your SM-X as well as the files in your SM-X disk, so the freezing shouldn't occur anymore, and you will have means to disable WiFi when you don't need. There is a really nice Readme file in the package that took long time to write and describes everything. The update can be obtained here:

A big thanks to KDL that has helped me a lot to test the new firmware and software included in this package, as well as contributed with changes to the WAITWIFI utility. ;)


This pack will update all the components (ESP8266 firmware, UNAPI Driver, related utilities) to the latest version. It also includes, as a bonus, the most used network applications in their latest versions as of this package submission.

Some people have issues where the WiFi adapter is generating noise on the audio output of their SM-X, and this package has a new way to determine whether WiFi should be kept on or not, and also allow to turn off WiFi radio at will by using CFG8266.COM.

To apply those updates, you need to at least:

- Get the ESP8266.COM file in the package and replace all instances of that file in your SM-X SD-Card / Disk
- Get the CFG8266.COM file in the package and replace all instances of that file in your SM-X SD-Card / Disk
- Get the WAITWIFI.COM file in the package and replace all instances of that file in your SM-X SD-Card / Disk
- Get the ESPFW folder in the package and copy it to your SM-X SD-Card / Disk
- If you do not have WAITWIFI and CFG8266 in your path, copy them to the ESPFW folder of your SM-X SD-Card / Disk
- Update the ESP8266 firmware by entering the ESPFW folder in your SM-X SD-Card / Disk and typing updatefw.bat

If you do not have UNAPI / Internet / WiFi already working on your SM-X, please follow the ReadMe.txt instructions to have it working, and then follow the firmware update instructions.

As an additional step, if you have the audio noise issues and would like WiFi to be off as soon as possible, add the following command as the last statement on your AUTOEXE2.BAT file:

CFG8266 /O

It will turn off WiFi once clock and date has been setup by SNTP.


The following has changed:

ESP8266.COM - UNAPI driver, version 1.1, it has been improved so it won't freeze your SM-X if communication errors between SM-X and ESP8266 occur. Also, if ESP8266 has firmware version 1.0 or greater, it will have the added benefit of retrying to receive command responses of UPD_RCV and TCP_RCV, as communication errors on those commands would cause data to be lost and errors to occur during downloads / data transfer

WAITWIFI.COM - KDL was really kind by offering the source code of his changes to this utility. Those improve text output as well as add a /T option allowing to the utility to not output text unless necessary

CFG8266.COM - ESP8266 configuration utility, version 1.1, it contains many fixes to text output (thanks KDL for reporting and suggesting improvments on this). Also, it now allows to setup the timer that disables WiFi connection if device is idle

FW.BIN - ESP8266 firmware version 1.0. It now saves NAGLE and timer / timeout settings to flash memory, so those get restored at every power up. Also, it now has a few changes on the WiFi radio default behavior, where in the past it was always on and now, by default, it is only turned on if driver is loaded and it is turned off after 120 seconds if device is idle. Timer / Timeout can be changed, 0 meaning previous behavior (always on), 1 to 30 will use a 30 seconds timer, and 31-600 will use that value for the timer / timeout

CERTS.BIN - ESP8266 TLS/SSL certification authorities certificates, updated June 2020

Also many utilities are supplied with the pack and have been updated to the latest version available as of June 2020.

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By ducasp

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14-06-2020, 17:42

If anyone updated before the time of this post, I recommend to download the package and update again, I've changed firmware to v1.1 to fix an issue where if you turn WiFi Off with CFG8266 /O when the WiFi was set to always on ( CFG8266 /T 0 ), WiFi connection would not be restored unless SM-X was reset / power cycled. Wink

By KdL

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14-06-2020, 20:44

Thank you ducasp!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers