SCART for Sony Hit Bit 75B - How to get it working properly?

By chinnyhill10

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31-01-2015, 19:16


I'm a new MSX owner. I have a wide selection of other hardware but no MSX, so when I had the chance to get a Hit Bit 75B I jumped at it.

Now I'd hoped getting RGB out of it would be easy given it has a standard SCART connector on the back. However plugging in a fully wired SCART I get a sharp but washed out picture with the blacks appearing as deep blue.

Should I use the composite SCART cable that came with the unit I get perfect colours and black is black.

I tried putting 220 Ohm resisters on each of the RGB channels with a 270 Ohm resister on the sync (like you would with a BBC Micro) and while the picture is better it is now too dark and the blacks are still slightly blue.

So my question is, is there a correct way to wire an MSX RGB SCART? Does it need resisters, capacitors, etc to make it give a perfect picture on a modern LCD TV?

I have all my other machines working in RGB where avaliable so would be a shame if the MSX was stuck in grotty composite. I also run a Youtube review channel where I use original hardware and for that I capture RGB so again when I start doing MSX stuff getting RGB working is going to be pretty important or its going to look rubbish.


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