Replacing a MSX Power Supply (for beginners...)

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By xesco

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25-05-2015, 13:08

Hi guys. I decided I will replace the big caps found in my board as suggested in this forum. I have already got them out and now I need to buy new ones.

I guess the idea is to buy new electrolytic caps, but not sure if it would be better/possible to replace them with non-electrolytic caps to avoid future problems.


By gdx

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29-05-2016, 11:24

The transformer for the HB-F9S or HB-F9P seems to be a 2 x 9V + 1 x 18V. The Power is probably between 23 and 25 VA.

Blue pins are 9V
Red pins are COM
Black pin are 18V

A transformer with these tensions is very difficult to found.

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