problem with Panasonic FS-A1F

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By iegova

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04-10-2019, 22:43

msxtrd wrote:

What menu?

By msxtrd

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05-10-2019, 10:39

Usually, as far I remember, the menu will start up when the msx machine is turned on.
Though the computer scans the keyboard at first to check if a bypass key is pressed (DEL).
It might be that it can not scan the kbd without it being connected and skips over the execution of cockpit software?

By gdx

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05-10-2019, 14:04

When a game cartridge is inserted in a slot the menu can not be executed if the game doesn't give back control. The Disk-ROM is also in a lower slot, so A1 Cockpit can not be executed if it doesn't render control because it waits the drive.

By l_oliveira

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08-10-2019, 14:28

Without the front panel PCB connected (the pcb with the rensha turbo potentiometer) the firmware switch is left on the "on" position. It will boot into the word processor menu instead of going to MSX BASIC. I suppose, because the firmware menu is looking for the floppy disk with the voices the firmware menu uses it will stall after probing the drive and finding none.

By l_oliveira

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11-10-2019, 18:27

lol I dunno why I thought I saw a A1ST board there. Must have been sleepy. A1F it was.

By Josevil

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18-10-2019, 22:58

hello you can put a picture that looks the plate the a1f has a plate that was manufactured about 1988 the previous one is the one that has a module on top and the newest one doesn't have that module

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