Printer problem PHILIPS NMS 1431

By capsule5000

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07-07-2020, 20:23

I have a problem with the NMS 1431 printer, because the paper is slipping on the rubber drum. When the printer prints, the paper does not move, but the cylinder does. The only way it works is by operating the paper feed lever. This way if the paper moves with the rubber cylinder.
I have disassembled the printer and apparently nothing is broken. When the feed lever is not activated, there are rollers that hardly press with the rubber cylinder

When the feed lever is activated the rollers press against the cylinder and the paper pulls on the cylinder. Its operation apparently is that when starting the paper it needs extra traction for the paper to be wound to the cylinder.

The problem may be that the rubber of the cylinder is hardened and slips with the paper? Is there any solution?

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By hamlet

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07-07-2020, 20:51

During my studies I worked in a workshop for printers and copiers. We were able to save some printers for which spare parts were not longer available by unconventional methods. We saved many hardened rollers with trichloroethene. It is also used to remove leaks from textiles. Be careful, depending on the plastic, it can also loosen and dissolve the roller.

Once the softeners have escaped from the plastic, no miracle cure will help much. Possibly several applications of Cockpitspray, but not permanently. Sanding the roller can also help (HP still recommends this in the professional sector today.)

The most effective remedy is to get endless paper and use the tractor drive of the printer Wink

By capsule5000

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07-07-2020, 23:31

Thank you very much for the reply. I will try to sand the roller, if the paper sticks more to the roller, and if it does not work the last alternative is continuous paper with the tractor