Philips NMS-1205 and MIDI

By Pakito

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10-01-2009, 23:06

Hi everybody! I am new to this forum and I have some questions.
I have a Philips VG-8020 computer with a Philips NMS-1205 Music Module and I´d like to make music with them.
The manual says that MIDI IN/THRU ports are not used by Music Module. I´d like to integrate the MSX with my MIDI gear but I don´t know where to start. I´ve seen trackers in the download zone but I am a bit lost.
Besides, I am looking for a way to send the programs from my computer to the MSX because i have no cassette and I read somewhere that there are several methods to achieve this. How could I do it?
Thank you Wink

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By Manuel

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10-01-2009, 23:56

If you're serious about this, buy an MSX2 with disk drive and at least 128kB RAM. There is no MIDI software for an MSX1 with only tape.
Actually, probably you want Meridian or so.

You should also Google, as there are many threads on this forum about making music with MSX... E.g. look for threads in which alexmauer posted.

By wolf_

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11-01-2009, 00:06

mm.. I'm not exactly sure whether I have an answer that suits your needs.

In short, MIDI on MSX never *really* took off. We've gotten used to tracking, some got used to MML-style composing, but always using the internal soundchips and the MSX itself. FAC Soundtracker PRO attempted to make a tracker which accepted MIDI-in to fill-up the patterns. In practice this worked rather crap, and -at least in my case- was much slower and messier than actual tracking in the same program. MIDI-out has the typical issue that not everyone has similar synths hooked-up, *if* people have synths hooked-up at all. Anyway, I think this is what you want primarily: control your synths. If so, uhm.. wasn't a VG8020 an MSX1? I bet you can forget this whole mission then. The internal Music Module software is worse than toys, and the few tools out there that may be able to control synths over MIDI are for MSX2 and higher.

If I were you, I'd focus on composing for the actual sound chips, SCC, PSG, FM-PAC, Music Module, Moonsound. Then at least we can listen to it as well!