Patola Cartridge cases for MSX

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By sd_snatcher

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02-02-2011, 03:34

Hi all MSX friends,

Some time ago, people where looking for some MSX cartridge cases. I'm planning to buy a batch of cartridge cases from Patola, to sell them though ebay and/or on the MRC trading/collecting forum.

But, as a factory, Patola only sells those cases in batches of at least 500 pieces. I must know how much people are interested on buying and the quantities desired, so I can verify if the deal is economically viable.

The estimated prices will probably be (the final prices may vary a little):

- 12 euros for a kit of 5 cartridge cases (will only be sold on multiples of 5) + shipping. Screws not included, as ordinary wood-screws with flat head can be used.
- Shipping of aprox 14 euros (I took Madrid as a destination reference). Multiple kits can be combined in a single shipping for the same address. (Not sure how many can be combined on a single shipping).

You can get a better quotation for the shipping costs here (in portuguese). If you use some translation service on this page, here's some help:

1) Keep in mind that I noticed some translation inconsistencies: all units are in centimeters, but GoogleTranslator translated it as "inches"
2) "UF Remetente" was translated as "UF Sender". "UF" is an acronym for "state" here. You must select "PR" in this box
3) The scripts will not work correctly on the translated page. You'll have to keep both the translated and original side-by-side and use the translated page only as a reference.
4) On "Sender City", you must select "Curitiba"
5) Prices will be given in BRL (brazilian Reals). You can use google to do the currency conversion for you. Just type "xx BRL in euros" in the search box and it will convert it for you.

Here are some pictures of one cartridge case. I bought the last 5 that were lasting on the stock of a distributor for 20 years or so to have an idea of the case quality, and it seems very good. But a new batch may vary a little, off course: the pictures can give you an overal idea of the quality of the cases.

Picture-1: Front

Picture-2: Back

Picture-3: Inside

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By MäSäXi

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02-02-2011, 10:12

Nice futuristic look the front side has! Smile

Or is it just because it is so much zoomed picture?

Anyway, nice cartridge cases. Smile

By kuuno

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02-02-2011, 17:44

Perhaps its possible to make some holes for future switches or something like that?

By sd_snatcher

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02-02-2011, 21:09

@MäSäXi: Ok, I resized the images to reduce them a little.

@Kuuno: It's easy to drill this kind of holes on those cases just as they are. A standard home driller can be used for that.

Some feedback from the european hardware makers would be welcome. Sunrise, Padial, Supersoniqs, MSX-CartridgeShop, where are you?

By Sander

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02-02-2011, 22:50

In your mailbox?

By sd_snatcher

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03-02-2011, 00:02

@Sander: I noticed it just after the post. I'm replying it right now. Smile


Based on the questions I received privately, here's some more info on the cases that might not be easy to notice just by looking at the pictures:

1) Appearance

As with Konami cartridge cases, the plastic of the interior of the cartridge isn't polished, but the exterior plastic is. The outside plastic is textured, which makes it very resistant to day-to-day scratches. The texture is rougher than the one on the back of the Konami SCC cartridges to make it more scratch resistant.

The only glossy-like parts are those spaces reserved for glueing the stickers of the cartridge. There's one area for a sticker at the front and another separate area at the top of the case. On the back there's a glossy area that doesn't need stickers, as I will explain below.

2) Internal Space & compatibility

The internal space is very close to a standard Konami SCC cartridge, except for:

a) There are pillars for two screws
b) There's more space on the upper left of the cartridge, since on Konami ones there's a pillar on that place

The design must take those pillars for the screws into consideration, as those are the only way to close the cartridge unless you plan to glue both sides together. Yes, the case is designed in a way that you cat just cut out the internal pillars-for-screws and use glue to close it. For most circuit boards, only the pillars of the back will have to be cut.

The guide-pins that hold the board in position seem to be at the same place of those inside the Konami cartridges too.

On the smooth area of the back, there's a suitable angled depression also to avoid that this area touches any surfaces that would cause scratches. This depression reduces the internal space of that area a very little bit, like 2mm at the very top of the plastic case.

By dhau

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05-02-2011, 04:32

What are the chances of color plastic? Red/blue/green/white? What about transparent colored plastic?

Sort of like RetroUSB sells for NES: link

Anyway, even if it's black only, I'll buy 20 units if it's really Komani-like.

By dhau

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10-02-2011, 23:21


Any updates?

By FiXato

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11-02-2011, 11:27

Not that I am interested, but maybe a detailed drawing with all the sizes could be useful for hardware developers, so they know exactly how much space there is?

By frits9164

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18-05-2011, 20:08

Hi MSXers,
In February there was an item about MSX cartridge, so the empty cartridge-cases, where many are searching. I do hereby join a queue. So if SD_Snatcher a large number of these cases can get hold of the company Patola, then I have 3 or 4 bundles of 5 items already ordered!
It's for my MSX project.
Frits9164 (MRC)LOL!

By sunrise

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18-05-2011, 22:39

well people wondered why sunrise didnot ordered those , simply because we have already such cases only without screws and are simply at stock
And shipment withiin the netherlands is a lot cheaper. Examples are manbow2, mp3 player the goonies( yes we did cooperate with msxcartshop for this purpose !)

Contact is in my profile !

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