By Varaktori

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30-12-2013, 12:03

It would be fun to run OS-9 operating system? Wink
The only and big problem is that it needs 6809 processor. So I need build coprocessor card and Hitachi 6309 is faster but compatible alternative. Is anybody ever designed something similar or do I have to start from scratch? Smile

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By jltursan

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30-12-2013, 17:03

AFAIK, there're no secondary CPU cards in MSX. As the mainstream OS in the eighties was CP/M and it needed a Z80, the MSX benefit with no changes from that, while other popular machines (Apple) needed Z80 cards to work with CP/M.
The closest thing that comes to my mind is the Padial's Cards Procesor for EV4

By Varaktori

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30-12-2013, 17:24

Well there might be little bit of work ahead before I can boot to OS-9. Most of the needed parts I have already. Tongue


Enlighted (5848)

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31-12-2013, 20:06

Ah... You can run for example SymbOS already, but you want to run OS-9... What ever makes you happy Smile Smile Smile

By edoz

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31-12-2013, 20:54

Symbos is cool! So try that first I would say Big smile

By Varaktori

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31-12-2013, 22:46

Bill Gates and many others has regarded 6809 to be the best 8-bit processor ever so why not? Tongue
Running SymbOS does not need soldering iron so it does not make me very happy. Tongue Tongue Tongue

By PingPong

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01-01-2014, 00:22

the msx system was unfortunately not meant to be a multi processor system, nor there is DMA feature to allow to stop the z80 while using another processor. I do not know how much is difficult to achieve your idea.


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01-01-2014, 01:45

Indeed fore some unknown reasons they forgot to connect the busreq/ack signals to the cartridge slot so other cpu could be added Sad