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By valkyre

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29-03-2023, 19:39

The power down using the menu button works a treat, just tried it. I have had occasional issues powering down using the power button. No Internet issues

By Ivan

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29-03-2023, 23:24

tsmvp wrote:

I am wondering what the current state is regarding the MSXVR platform. I do have one and remember powering it on a couple times in the past couple months and no updates were available. Not sure if development/updates stopped or if it is just in a very slow progress state. Does anyone know?

Alberto attended the 59th Barcelona MSX users meeting (UOC-AAMSX-Nishi event) and was interviewed: The project goes on and the MSXVR will get more SW updates. In relation to the HW they are testing the integration of the system with Raspberry Pi 4 and he hopes to build more machines in the future but there are no dates planned at the present time (in part due to component shortages). 550 units produced so far.

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