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By hamlet

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09-03-2021, 19:33

Since there is little information from previous MSXVR owners, I would like to offer a platform here to exchange experiences and impressions.

I am very happy to hold my MSX VR in my hands today. I have been following the project since 2017 and was fascinated by the idea of building a board around a RasPi from the very beginning.
Those who follow my posts in the forum know that I like modern MSX computers very much. Besides the Zemix / OCM variants of 8bits4ever, I also tried to build a GR8bit computer and bought an OMEGA, which is one of my favourite MSX. I also gathered various RasPi variants with GPIO cartridge slot boards around me, including the PI 400 including slot-board from RetroGameStore.

Now as one of the first orderers of 1 November 2019, many days passed, some information gathered on the net, but many questions remained unanswered. Manufacturers were asking for case colours, so buyers were involved in the building process. The scene seemed mostly positive, but it was impossible to get a deep insight.
Nothing could be seen at the fair in Nijmegen either, but the videos on Youtube whetted the appetite and sweetened the wait.
I had number 132 on the waiting list, the MSXVR team provided us with updates.
I was curious:
Which emulator was used?
How did the case feel?
How easy would it be to operate?
Was it an MSX or just a PC?

But why did we hear so little from the happy new owners and:
What was it about the warning that certain cartridges in the MSXVR would be damaged?

The price for the computer is immense.
Taxes and shipping costs are added to the basic price of 365 euros. I also bought a costumised keyboard, slot covers, a suitable joystick, a second SD card and the literature offered, SkyJaguar was also included. So now a total of 727,90 Euro (!) came together, but divided into smaller doses.

Was it worth the sum and the long wait?
Today I know, no I am sure, YES!
A great machine with a unique look and feel of a real MSX computer. A piece of the 80s coupled with the convenience of today.
I have rejected the idea so far and was a purist, but I think the MSXVR can convince.

I won't have time to test the device until the weekend, and I will also compare the system with an ordinary RasPi. But more about that later.

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By tfh

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09-03-2021, 19:42

Hi Hamlet,
I'm really looking forward to reading more about your experiences. Over 150 units have been shipped already and almost no information can be found.
So stories, photo's, experience, etc.... everything is welcome.

By valkyre

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09-03-2021, 20:04

Yes, any info will be more than welcome. I think it will be much later in the year before mine arrives.

By santiontanon

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09-03-2021, 21:28

I am also a bit surprised there isn't more videos/reviews/etc. But several Youtube users have started posting video reviews (most of them in Spanish though). For example:

By Knightmare72

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09-03-2021, 21:40

Yo ya lo tengo y estoy súper contento, ahora estoy inmerso en el Vrscript, me fascina poder hacer mis juegos. Este ordenador tiene mucho futuro. Vamos a disfrutar un montón.

By meits

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09-03-2021, 21:49

santiontanon wrote:

(most of them in Spanish though).

Yes, and that makes me sad.

By ray2day

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09-03-2021, 22:47


But why did we hear so little from the happy new owners

Uhm, maybe because most of us still didn’t receive their ordered msxvr computer... :/

By max_iwamoto

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10-03-2021, 01:12

Well, I hope we will get them this year. My number 232 I think.

By sdsnatcher73

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10-03-2021, 06:15

I am 205...

By valkyre

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10-03-2021, 07:41

Yes, it does seem strange that 153 people have received their VR's and the feedback posted here is almost non existent. This is a major piece of kit we are talking about!

By Randam

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10-03-2021, 07:50

And most people don't post, most people don't make videos. That is always the case; in and outside our community.

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