MSX TurboR GT with Jailbars

By jsianes

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10-04-2020, 18:35


My MSX TurboR GT had jailbars issues since the very first moment. But now, it's becoming quite noticeable:

Anyone can confirm that this issue could be resolved by applying next fix?

Any comment will be very welcome.

Thanks in advance!

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By geijoenr

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11-04-2020, 01:01

I have the same, but didn't thought of it as an issue. Hannibal

By geijoenr

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11-04-2020, 01:09

By Grauw

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11-04-2020, 02:45

Yes, it worked wonders for me, and was such a simple fix. Also easy to revert, since you’re just cutting one jumper and bridging another (part of the design of the board), so you can’t really go wrong. I recommend it.